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Waste Disposal Services for your Project and Renovation in Mississauga

Waste Management has several benefits, whether you are a homeowner or business owner. It helps with everything from reducing hazards on the job site, keeping your house clean to improving air quality by disposing of hazardous waste in the area. When you need efficient and reliable dumpster rental options near Mississauga turn to the trusted women at The Bin Rental Chicks Inc. 

The Bin Rental Chicks brings professionalism, reliability, and the highest standard of customer service to the junk removal industry. We are servicing residential and commercial clients with garbage bin rental services, and we pride ourselves on great staff, reliable equipment, fair and clear prices, and customized service. To book your dumpster bin, call our team at 647-675-2467 or send us a message.

Waste Disposal Services for your Project and Renovation in Mississauga

At The Bin Rental Chicks, our wide variety of driveway safe disposal bin rentals in Mississauga is perfect for your projects. Whether you need one dumpster or ten, we can help. We also offer contacts for disposal bin rentals to work with your schedule.

We know every home has different needs, so we offer a wide selection of dumpster sizes to accommodate your project. A quick spring cleaning might only need a small 5-yard bin, but a complete remodel might require a 20-yard bin. Estimating the volume of your debris is challenging, especially for household junk or construction debris. Picking the right disposal bin rental is essential for your project.

We also offer more than one bin per project. Additionally, we offer specialty bins for recyclables, clothes, and furniture, which we can donate or recycle on your behalf. Please note that we don’t accept hazardous waste in any of our bins and all our yard bins are driveway friendly. 

We proudly offer flat rate junk removal services in Mississauga in the following sizes all the way up to a 20-yard bin rental:

  • 5-yard bins
  • 10-yard bins
  • 15-yard bins
  • 20-yard bins

Our 5-yard disposal bin rentals are perfect for customers needing to relocate household clutter, renovation, and construction material. It is ideal for moving dirt, soil, rock, sand, concrete, mixed waste, bricks, and more.

10-yard disposal bin rentals are perfect for home renovations, residential and construction clean-up projects. They help dispose of old flooring, drywall, countertops, cabinets as well as clutter.

15-yard disposal bins are excellent for extensive renovations and construction projects like remodeling entire rooms, disposing of old cabinets, removing walls, flooring, clean fill, carpeting, and other removal services. 

20-yard dumpster rentals are ideal for customers needing to get rid of household junk, renovation, and construction materials. They help dispose of household clutter and old furniture, dispose of waste from large room remodels, old flooring, walls, and carpet. 

Have a look at our competitive prices by viewing our Price List to rent a dumpster.

How Long Can I Keep The Bin?

The price of each disposal bin includes a 7-day rental period. However, if you require a more extended rental period, please contact our team at 647-675-2467 or send us an email.

Customers can book a disposal bin rental as far in advance as they like. However, it is best to give us a call two days in advance as we offer same-day or next-day delivery anywhere in the region of Peel.

About The Bin Rental Chicks Inc.

Our team at The Bin Rental Chicks Inc. strives to incorporate our values of honesty, positivity, efficiency, and hard work in all of our endeavors. We proudly offer professional recycling and donation services, same-day delivery, up-front pricing to ensure guaranteed satisfaction every step of the way. 

We are open seven days a week to accommodate the needs of our commercial and residential clients. To book your disposal bin rental, call our team at 647-675-2467 or send us a message We’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you have about our available services. 

At The Bin Rental Chicks, we prioritize customer satisfaction as our top priority and offer bin rental in the Toronto area, North York, as well as Mississauga. As one of the fastest-growing disposal bin rental companies in the GTA and surrounding areas, we have extensive experience providing dumpster rental services in the Mississauga area.

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